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  Geisha are Japanese performers who came around in the early 1800's. They play musical instruments like the Shamisen, they know traditional Japanese dances and they entertain wealthy businessmen. The majority of Geisha are found working in Kyoto, but during certain seasonal festivals around Japan they can also be found performing for larger audiences.
  To me Geisha are like Japanese ballerinas in a way, where both artists go through intense training, wear beautiful and intricately designed outfits and continue their career most of their lives. Whether they're learning, performing, or teaching the next generation.

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I don't know very much about samurai but one thing's for sure is that they were skilled and intelligent Japanese warriors. Even after their disappearance following WWII they were smart enough to open schools, become governmental figures, or writers and they lived the rest of their lives pretty well. Although samurai don't exist now, when they did it was their mission in life to protect their country and obey the Bushido.
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