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Japanese Snacks!
Up until now the only Japanese snacks I've ever heard of were Pocky and Dango. But since I've been making Japanese inspired creations at Marie*z I thought it might be fun to show you some of my favorite snacks and the ones I'm looking forward to trying. If you have any favorite Japanese snacks or from any culture I'd love to hear from you at

Of all of the Japanese snacks, Pocky is a favorite of mine and my family! And someday my house will be stocked with it's chocolatey-stick-goodness!

Dango first caught my eye because of it's colorful, lollipop appearance. This steamed rice snack looks really moist and chewy which is why I can't wait to try some or make some . . . still looking for a recipe!

Yan Yan is what I like to call a do-it-yourself version of Pocky, since you dip the little biscuit sticks into chocolate or whatever flavored dipping you get when you buy it.

 Hello Panda is another cute snack that I see in a lot of NY grocery stores, and it looks both delicious and a little weird at the same time.

My most recent Japanese snack interest is Kara Mucho, because I love chips and it looks like it'd be pretty delish. I've also read that it can be very spicy!

Some Yummy Resources!
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